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Prevention Services

Prevention is the first level of engagement to divert those at risk of becoming involved in crime and antisocial behaviour. CSG operates in the belief that it is better to prevent than react to an issue. CSG has a wide range of services and approaches targeted in particular at young adults and children. These methods prevent and direct them away from antisocial behaviour and encourage them into positive, constructive lifetstyles.

List of our Prevention Services

Hot Spot Intervention Teams
This targeted service deploys in areas where there are high levels of youth antisocial behaviour activity. Young people are engaged with through the medium of sport to identify and address their proplematic behaviours and divert towards some positive life choices.

Community Facilities
The Ashgill Recreation Center.
The ARC was opened in 2008 and is situated in the city's Milton area in North Glasgow. The ARC focuses on providing young people and the community as a whole, with a variety of sports and activities in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Maryhill HUB.
Known as the HUB, the centre provides well needed community facilities and provides partnership ogranisations with a base from which to provide outreach services.