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Community Payback Orders

A Community Payback Order is an alternative to custody and offers offenders the chance to make reparation for their offences by undertaking unpaid work to the benefit of communities.

CSG works in partnership with Glasgow City Council Criminal Justice Social Work Services (CJSWS) to deliver the unpaid team work element of Community Payback Orders. This is delivered through our Community Reparation Service. In 2010/11 the service received over 18000 referrals and delivered over 17000 placements working seven days a week.

The service uses a reparative approach with offenders, which results in them contributing towards cleaning, maintaining and enhancing areas of Glasgow as part of the City's Clean Glasgow Strategy. This approach supports community reintegration and promotion of rehabilitation of offenders, whilst creating a visible reparation service that local communities benefit from significantly. The service has cleaned and painted hundreds of sites and community facilities across the city. We also provide training opportunities and employability advice services to clients.

Through our reparation workshops, and utilizing recycled wood, clients make a range of products such as planters and picnic benches that we offer to our Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers and others to help improve their neighbourhoods.