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Offender Programmes/Choiceworks

Since 2009, we have delivered Choice Works Initiative (CWI) programmes in the Glasgow area and have engaged with groups of offenders, aged between 16 and 25 years, who have been identified through the CSG offender management process.

ChoiceWorks is part of a range of programmes delivered by the Offender Intervention service to identify and engage with young people involved in offending

The programmes have achieved significant success with participants completing 36 week programmes, work placements and moving into employment, education or training. Recent developments within the section have also seen the introduction of more effective targeting, ensuring more persistent offenders receive an intervention.

Choice Works Staged Intervention Process

Information sharing to identify target and assess potential participants for the CWI programme.

The programme offers person-centred support including one-to-one support, "offender group work", outdoor activities, personal development planning, "Get Ready for Work", and employability skills training.

Three month work placement with partner organisations (e.g. Arnold Clark, Sainsbury) to get participants ready for the world of work.

Impact of Enforcement Programmes 2010 - 11

Stage (1) - Intelligence-led Identification. 12 Weeks.

Stage (2) - Engagement and Consolidation. 12 Weeks.

Stage (3) - Training for Work. 12 Weeks.

ChoiceWorks is an adaptable programme, which in 2011/12 will deliver two new partnership programmes: "Prison ThroughCare" and "Women In Offending".