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Our Locality Teams

CSG locality teams work with local organisations, community groups and local people to determine neighbourhood and area based issues and perceptions in relation to antisocial behaviour. Officers attend a range of local and citywide meetings/events to ensure that Community Safety Glasgow input to local areas is appropriate and in line with strategic priorities.

This is achieved through promoting joint working and acting as a facilitator between the local community, elected members, internal CSG services and other mainstream service providers.
CSG Locality Teams are often the first point of contact for community councils, groups and local individuals and adopt an integrated approach to both internal and external partnership working to improve outcomes for local people. Locality Teams work to develop an effective interface and support mechanisms to ensure CSG systems and services are informed and able to respond more effectively with service planning and delivery.

Locality Teams lead a range of Community Safety Initiatives in neighbourhoods across the city to reduce anti social behaviour such as Community Off Sales Campaigns, Youth Engagement Initiatives and Violence and Disorder Projects.

Contact details for locality staff in your area are as follows:

North East Locality      
Martin Lundie Operations Manager 0141 276 7554
Barbara Fearnside Area Co-ordinator 0141 276 7621
Christine Martin Area Development Officer 0141 276 7527
South Locality
Martin Lundie Operations Manager 0147 276 7554
Andrena Stamper Area Co-ordinator 0141 276 7610
North West Locality
Eleanor Lee Operations Manager 0141 276 7558
Steve McGeady
Area Service Manager 0141 276 7606
Fran Lundie Area Co-ordinator 0141 276 7551
Louise McMonagle Area Development Officer 0141 276 7552