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Our Mediation team often work with all parties affected by antisocial behaviour and neighbour disputes to support them in addressing their issues in a safe and confidential environment.

The Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) Mediation Service is an approved Community Mediation provider under the Scottish Community Mediation Network’s Service Accreditation Scheme.  

The Mediation Service is free, confidential and impartial available to all citizens of Glasgow. Our service can be used in any situation where there is conflict, and all parties are assisted to talk things through and find common ground.

Mediation is a voluntary process which can used whether a disagreement is a few days old or thirty years running. If you are having difficulties and you need a neutral, balanced third party, then you can contact us to discuss your point of view and we will help you look at ways in which things might move forward.

We know that every situation is unique and we tailor the process to suit the parties involved.

The CSG Mediation Service currently has a 98% success rate when both parties agree to Mediate. 

The Mediation Service has been successfully re-accredited under the Scottish Community Mediation Network’s Service Accreditation Scheme.  

Having been initially accredited in 2007 the service was required to submit a new application demonstrating we continue to work to the high standards set by the scheme.  

Download our Mediation Services Leaflet here


Frequently Asked Questions

What is mediation?
Mediation is a communication process. Mediators don’t take sides and can help and support people to work through conflicts.

Who is involved?
Only the people affected by the situation and the mediators will be present at mediation.

How does it work?
Mediation begins with an assessment process for the mediators to understand what the issues are and how people are affected.  This is initially done over the phone and generally followed up with an individual appointment.

How can I refer myself to mediation?
Phone during office hours 9.00am -5.00pm on 0141 276 7451 

Leave a message with the ASB Helpline on 0800 027 3901 at any time.

Use the contact us section of this web site, write to us at Community Safety Glasgow, Mediation Service. Eastgate, 727 London Road, Glasgow. G40 3AQ or e-mail us enquiries@saferglasgow.com

You can also ask a third party such as your housing provider or Police to refer you and the other party

What sort of issues can be dealt with?
Mediation can be used in any conflict situation, where people want to take part, whether a few weeks old or decades running.  

What if I don’t want to meet my neighbour?
At first, all we ask is that you agree to speak to the mediators.  After that we can assess the situation and let you know if mediation may be helpful.  

Can I remain anonymous?
Once mediation has started we have to let everyone know who is involved.  However, we won’t pass on anyone’s details without permission.  Any third party who refers you to mediation will check with you first that it is OK to do so.

What is the benefit of talking to a mediator?
Clients have told us that it really helps to be listened to by someone who is not involved. Our mediators are experienced in conflict and can help explore feelings, situations and possibilities for improvement that you may not have considered yourself.  People usually say that it was helpful to talk, whether or not they go ahead with mediation.

What kind of action can you take?
Mediators are impartial so we don’t make judgements or take action against any individual involved.  Each party is not told what to do but make a free choice to enter into agreements about how things could be better.

I’m really angry and upset!
That’s fine – people in conflict normally feel like this.  Mediators are used to strong emotions and there is no problem with expressing these to us.  If you go ahead with mediation we can help you working out strategies to support you if you lose your temper or become upset.