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Graffiti Removal Service

During 2010/11, 9% of graffiti incidences were reported by members of the public, with the other 91% identified by own observation.

In instances when the graffiti is deemed to be offensive, the Graffiti Team take photographs. The photographs are submitted to the Partnership Intelligence Police Officers, who will investigate the graffiti tags and subsequently an evidential package is created.



In a unique partnership arrangement these packages are passed to either Strathclyde Police Gangs Taskforce or local Police Divisions who will investigate and apprehend the perpetrator. The packages go on to provide vital evidence in prosecution of these cases.

Since the 1st June 2009 the unit have created 336 graffiti packages with 438 persons detected, this includes 1 male charged with 102 charges for Malicious Mischief.