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The Clean Glasgow Dog Fouling Campaign

The Clean Glasgow Campaign aims to encourage everyone to play their part in making the city a safer, cleaner and better place to live, work and visit.

Approximately 10 tonnes of faeces is produced by dogs in Glasgow every day!

This is clearly an unacceptable situation and one which threatens the health of the local community, particularly young children.

The Dog Fouling Service Charter aims to set out how you can support the Clean Glasgow Campaign and what Glasgow City Council will do to help to reduce dog fouling which is a major issue in our city. It is the most offensive type of litter on our streets, parks and backcourts and is consistently raised as a public concern.



Tackling Dog Fouling: a partnership approach

Community Safety Glasgow and Glasgow City Council, Land and Environmental Services will:


Campaign facts and figures from August 2011

Dog Fouling Campaign - in the news

Clean Glasgow has launched Scotland’s hardest-hitting dog fouling enforcement campaign.

Officers from Glasgow City Council and Community Safety Glasgow are employing new tactics to crack down on irresponsible owners who refuse to clean up after their pets.

As well as continuing to issue fixed penalty notices to those caught in the act, teams will, for the first time, use CCTV and witness statements to issue them retrospectively.
Dog wardens will uplift animals that are stray or not under proper control.

And Clean Glasgow will work with landlords, where possible - and use antisocial behaviour legislation where it is not – to tackle persistent offenders.

Ultimately, this may mean going to court to remove an animal permanently, if offenders do not respond to other sanctions.

Teams will tackle hotspots identified by communities – starting with Liddlesdale Square, Gorbals Rose Garden and Knightswood Park. 

New targets will be chosen every fortnight at short notice, allowing teams to react to emerging problems.

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Cllr Gordon Matheson said: “People hate dog fouling because it has a really negative impact on how they view their city, their street or even their own close.

“It is dirty, dangerous and antisocial. It is also completely unnecessary and, through the Clean Glasgow campaign, we need to take it seriously.

“For some reason, a minority of people think this behaviour is perfectly acceptable. Even worse, they think they'll never be caught.

“I want to turn that on its head. We are going to target dog fouling with a much heavier hand – using intense resources; enforcement officers, CCTV and direct communication with local residents.

“We will chase payment from people who are fined; we will impound dogs if they are not under proper care and control, and we will use every tool in the box to confront persistent offenders.

“Ultimately, that will mean going to court to argue that some people are just not fit to look after an animal – and to put their dog into a better home where it will be properly cared for.”


Report dog fouling and identify owners who do not clean up after their dogs to Clean Glasgow on 0800 027 7027