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Alcohol and Drugs and Communities Team

CSG work with a range of partners  across Glasgow to develop and support initiatives that respond to communities' concerns. CSG provide strategic support for the ADP Communities Sub-group and for delivery of the annual GRAND (Getting Real about Alcohol ‘N’ Drugs) week. Information on this work (including the Sub-group’s Alcohol and Drugs Initiatives Fund) is available at www.glasgowgrand.org 

Download the July edition of GRAND News here

The Communities Sub-group commissioned and continues to support the Ripple Effect Research, a community led consultation on how alcohol affects our communities.

CSG locality teams respond to community concerns around alcohol and drug issues including off-Sales campaigns that challenge underage and agent purchase of alcohol.

Our staff have led on a number of multi-agency Alcohol campaigns during the past year and currently play a key role in the Council Leader's Alcohol Action Campaign". The Action Plans aim to address a range of alcohol related issues such as antisocial behaviour, agent purchasing and drinking dens, and provide support to licensees via our staff and Police.

Example: Shettleston Off-Sales Campaign Alcohol is a CHP priority in North East Glasgow.Police statistics show that groups of youths, congregate in public places consuming large quantities of alcohol and, intoxicated, commit acts of antisocial behaviour.CSG led a multi-agency partnership to address these issues during 2010/11.

The Shettleston Alcohol Initiative surpassed all expectations by achieving a 14% reduction in alcohol-related antisocial behaviour incidents, 47% reduction in antisocial behaviour alcohol related crime, 18 drinking dens identified and removed and 3,653 litres of alcohol seized.

The initiative has been nominated for a COSLA award by Glasgow City Council.