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Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) is a charitable body and company limited by guarantee, which was formed in October 2006. The company is jointly owned by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Police Authority.

Antisocial behaviour, crime and disorder cover a range of actions - from dropping litter, vandalism and dumping rubbish to petty assault, intimidation or assault. Antisocial behaviour is likely to be experienced by many people across a very broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds, social classes, housing tenures and types of communities.

Although the impact of antisocial behaviour can often be measured in terms of direct financial costs, there are also indirect costs such as loss of services, loss of revenue, increased insurance premiums, increased operational costs and additional preventative or deterrent measures.

In recognition of the fact that these issues were blighting many of Glasgow’s communities, Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police created CSG in 2006 and tasked it with lead responsibility to respond to all aspects of antisocial behaviour.

Our web site outlines the theoretical basis for the work of CSG, the range of service interventions at it’s disposal and highlights outcomes which show the impact of the measures used.

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